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Cortix is a suite of tools (or modules) developed for the digital ward. Once Cortix is installed on your devices you can pick and mix which modules you would like, and you will be up and running in no time!

Wireless Handovers

Wireless Handovers
  • Proven SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment & Recommendation) protocol
  • Encourage precision & completeness
  • Detailed audit, with changes highlighted
  • Reduce handover errors
  • Flag patients for attention by the Hospital @ Night team
  • Multi-disciplinary SBARs: Nursing, Physiotheraphy, Mental Health...

Ward Boards

  • Patient Status at a Glance
  • Customisable grid or ward floor plan
  • Warnings & alerts
  • Integration with Social Care, Pharmacy, IDD...
  • Cross-team coordination
  • Improved scheduling reduces length of stay

Digital Wardboards

Admission Boards

Admission Boards

  • Track newly-admitted patients
  • Record interventions accurately
  • Ensure patients are seen on time
  • Standardised ward tasks reduce administration
  • Initiates SBAR prior to transfer to treatment ward

Task Management

  • Improve communication throughout multi-disciplinary teams
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Safe & efficient patient transfers
  • Guard against omissions and duplication
  • Simple task entry promotes concise & accurate recording
  • Improve visibility across teams/specialties/wards

Ward Task Management

Safety Bundles

PVC CVC Safety Bundles

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Realtime compliance tracking
  • Infection Control data
  • Evidence-based CVC, PVC, CAUTI...

Observations & EWS

  • National “NEWS” (or custom EWS)
  • Calculate scores with 100% accuracy
  • Innovative respiratory & heart rate entry tools
  • Realtime alerts with automatic escalation
  • On receiving a realtime alert, easy access to the patient’s EWS history, SBAR, notes...
  • Patient-specific condition profiles: reduce unnecessary triggers and increase sensitivity to individual observations

Early Warning Scores
  • Quote from Jon Harris

    Cortix is a great example of technology enabling clinicians to do what they do best – caring for patients.

    - Jon Harris (IT Manager - NHS Western Isles)
  • Quote from Dr Jim Ward

    The fully integrated Cortix system has replaced the more laborious paper chase.

    - Dr Jim Ward (Medical Director - NHS Western Isles)

Cortix - A Suite of Packages for the Digital Ward

Cortix - A Suite of Packages for the Digital Ward


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